CCL Weekly Update – 1/29/2021

It IS a New Year, and It’s Looking Up

I wasn’t ready to say “Happy New Year” on January 1st. It seemed clear that the start of 2021 was going to be a lot more like most of 2020, no matter what we resolved to change on day one. We were going to be living the life of covered faces and physical distancing for months – even with Covid-19 vaccinations in rapid production. It wasn’t at all clear our political turmoil was going to calm down – even with a new administration on its way, promising unity. January 6th proved that the worst wasn’t over.

Last week, most of us were relieved by an uplifting, and peaceful inauguration and transfer of power. The opportunity to schedule vaccines for a huge group of New Hampshire residents (about 400 in Lyme alone) opened up on Friday. There was lots of promise! But as Patty noted in her message on the 21st: “patience” remained the word that mattered. The light was growing brighter, but it’s a long tunnel, and we’ll sure need some good shock absorbers for the ride. How would more than 300,000 people possibly work their way through New Hampshire’s vaccination registration and scheduling system, being built and refined in real time? Patty also said that we’d get through this together, and that there were lots of helpers among us.

Well, it was quite a week; and, unexpectedly, today I’m ready: Happy New Year! 

Maybe it’s the moon. For this first full moon of the year we waited until the last possible moment of the month. The extraordinary “Wolf Moon” last night shone bright over our homes in the Upper Valley, and amazing photos were shared by awed friends across the country and people around the globe. Nature knows: we are all in this together. Based on a quick look online, some astrologers believe that this moon’s “celestial power” makes us capable of releasing what no longer serves us and harnessing positive lunar (often considered feminine) energy. That’s good. Native Americans named this the Wolf Moon, because during deepest winter, wolves incessantly howl at night out of hunger. We can be inspired by that, especially knowing that wolves are friendly, social, and intelligent animals. The whole pack cares for cubs as they grow, exemplifying protection, caring, and loyalty. That is good energy. And it is all around.

It’s beyond the moon. Based on this last week, I am energized for the big year to come. I’ll share just two reasons, and I hope you have some of your own. First, confronted with a challenging process, hundreds of neighbors made appointments to be vaccinated against Covid-19. They persevered through systems that tested computer skills or waited patiently for assistance – from the state help line (dial 211), family members, friends, and community members who have made it a priority to keep up with the details. With the guidance of our uniquely qualified and dedicated Emergency Management Director, Dr. Margaret Caudill-Slosberg, and in collaboration with many others, I had the pleasure of helping dozens of people get scheduled. The gratitude and optimism (and patience) was positively inspiring!  The months-long effort to get us all safely-vaccinated is underway and accelerating. If you or someone you know hasn’t yet been scheduled, it’s a good time to get started or to reach out for help past a roadblock. See more details below.

Second, behind the scenes, CCL’s new team members, Debbie Whitaker and Shelby Wood, have been sharing warm conversations with neighbors, collaborating with passionate and generous community experts, and planning opportunities for involvement and shared joy. We’re excited to begin announcing some of what’s in store for February in this update, below. It is a new year, and it’s looking up!

There are many more signs of newness and goodness. We hope you too are feeling a sense of optimism that you can share with those around you, paying special attention to friends and neighbors who could use a boost. And if you’re not feeling it yet, please give us a call, any time. We love being in touch. 

Wishing you a full and hopeful heart as this new year unfolds in special ways.

Warmly, Martha

603-795-0603 (CCL main line)

News and Notes: 

Vaccination Update.

The Phase 1b vaccination scheduling process is well underway, after a whirlwind first week. The process will take several weeks, and bumps in the road are still being smoothed out. Phase 1b includes NH residents age 65 and older, among others who are at high risk. People with any questions should check with their primary care physician. If you have registered to schedule an appointment the State of NH wants to hear from you today. Yesterday, it was announced that everyone who registered would receive an email or text asking you to confirm whether or not you have scheduled an appointment to be vaccinated. Read the press release with more details, look out for the message, and please respond.

If you haven’t yet registered: To register online (encouraged), go to If you don’t have internet access, call 211. Wait times on the phone are likely to be long, but all callers will reach a live helper. For more information: Last week, Lyme households received an update from the Lyme Emergency Operations Center, and the EOC will continue to post details as they emerge at (click on “Covid-19 Information” on the left.) CCL is here to help. Call 603-795-0603 or email with questions or if you or someone you know needs help scheduling an appointment.

Share something you’ve created, through the end of the month!  

January is International Creativity Month, founded in 2004 to remind individuals and organizations around the globe to capitalize on the power of creativity. For years, it has encouraged people to step out of their comfort zones and create something exciting and new in their lives. It’s not clear that January 2021 has required much “stepping out” of comfort zones, but, along with the months of pandemic leading up to today, it has inspired lots of creativity. We want to celebrate and share the diverse ways our community creates. You may offer a drawing or painting, a song you’ve written, a snow sculpture, a poem, a comic strip, a knit hat, a gorgeous meal, etc. Please submit a video, a photo, or an email with what you’d like to share to Shelby at

February is Black History Month – “Black Legacy Month”, as celebrated at Dartmouth. 

In honor of Black History Month, CCL will share programs, events, and resources to increase awareness, knowledge, understanding, and respect. Dartmouth College’s African and African American Studies Department has some wonderful upcoming programming available to the public. This year’s Dartmouth Black Legacy Month theme is Defining a Generation: The Triumph, Power, and Legacy of Black Women. More information can be found here. CCL will share Dartmouth BLM events, which start next week (see listings at the end of this message), upcoming events from the Black Heritage Trail of NH, and more. If you have thoughts, resources, an event or idea to celebrate Black History Month, we encourage you to share, please reach out to Shelby at 

February also includes a celebration of Nature, through birds and birding. 

To grow awareness and enjoyment of nature all around us and to foster a sense of community warmth during our coldest months, CCL is all for the birds! ?  We’ll be collaborating with birding experts, teachers, artists, and others to support local and national efforts to celebrate birds and the spaces they call home. We kindly invite you to join us! For your calendars, national and local bird counts take place February 12-15. Watching (and counting) birds is a connection with our local flora and fauna, and it encourages exploring the outdoors. Curiosity about nature can get us moving about in the fresh air, which lends to overall health and wellness. If getting outside isn’t right, you can enjoy the birds from inside, through your window. Blake Allison, our local expert shared his thoughts with Shelby about getting into birding this month. Read Shelby’s post, which also includes Rebecca Lovejoy’s beautiful photo of a cedar waxwing. Watch for more ways to be involved or just to enjoy the birds as the month unfolds. Contact Shelby ( if you have questions or would like to contribute.

“Random Acts of Lymeness” – Two more weeks!

The Lyme Foundation is encouraging us all to recognize kind acts in Lyme, and neighbors of all ages are gratefully responding. You should read what Lyme School students have noticed and submitted! There are two weeks to go, with submissions due by Sunday at noon. Each week, everyone recognized is entered into a drawing to win “Lyme Bucks” to spend at the Lyme Business of their choice. Go to the Lyme Foundation website to recognize a kind act or read the growing list of Acts of Lymeness. 

We are here. Every day. 

Reach out when you or someone you care about needs a hand. If you could use information, help, a listening ear or ways to make someone else feel really good, contact us at 603-795-0603 or We partner with organizations and generous volunteers to connect you with just the right resources and opportunities to get involved: Deliveries or errands. Groceries or meals. Handy help around home. Ways to stay warm and connected. A little help problem-solving. Tech support. You name it.

Coming up: 

You can find events and fun activities to enjoy virtually, outside, or following Covid-safe protocols. Check out the Lyme Events Calendar, the Valley News Calendar, or the Aging Resource Center  for ideas. The calendars include free and by-donation food and meals throughout the season.

This week, don’t miss:

  • Tuesday (2/2) at 1pm: Lyme Food Pantry Fresh Produce and Staples Pick-up or Delivery. Now located at Lyme Congregational Church. All who ask can receive a box of non-perishable items and Willing Hands fresh produce. Gift cards for other groceries and prepared meals are available. Boxes of food may be ordered ahead, and if we’re asked for something special we’ll do our best to make it available. There is plenty. Contact us at 795-0603 or
  • Wednesday (2/3) at 7:30am: Those Guys Zoom Breakfast

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Check out the Lyme Events Calendar for many more events and activities, including free and by-donation food and meal options welcoming everyone. 

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