Observations on a gorgeous Lyme morning …

CCL Weekly Update – 4/24/2020

I continue to be so intrigued with the winds and waves created by the Covid-19 situation. We all, in one fashion or another, are affected by the lifestyle changes, directives from on-high, the impact of the illness itself, and the consequences of all of the above. At first I was alarmed and sad at the dramatic changes I saw in my place – this little town, which is the only place I know and has most all the people I love. 

I worried that the masks and distancing would change us and prevent us from truly continuing the relationships we’ve established. I should have known better. 

I see the complete opposite. Despite the distances between us and the masks (many of which are really lovely and clearly made with love) that cover our smiles, our villages  have united in a concerted effort of solidarity in protecting each other. The Neighborhood Network is warm and strong, with captains available and checking in to be sure all remains well. Amazing gifts have been given to assure our people and pets do not worry about food. Bakers have emerged, donating beautiful loaves of bread and baked goods. Over 30 volunteers, including high school and college students, have committed to helping – safely – with any number of things, including errands, cleaning, helping with computers, making calls, and helping with spring clean-up. 

Lyme’s Day of Service, this year, is turning into days and days of service! Instead of a big one-day “event” where we collect neighbors’ projects and our collective helping spirit goes to work, we are learning to ask for help as we need it, and we are uplifted to help when we can.

Despite all this weird change in our pattern of life, we remain so blessed. Blessed with good and thoughtful friends, good care for health, and good people who will help when we open our hearts to ask.

CommunityCare of Lyme is humbled by the outpouring of love and support since the beginning of this health and safety concern. Financial gifts go toward provisions for the Lyme Food Pantry, all kinds of support for individuals (and their pets) and organizations, communications and advisories, and the occasional behind the scenes needs that keep this all together. We have no way to know how long this diversion in life will last. CCL is committed to provide whatever support can be given to the Emergency Response Team, Parish Nurses, School, Library, Churches, other helping organizations, and all friends and neighbors for however long it takes. It’s what we were built for, and it brings us joy.

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact the CCL Help Line at 795-0603 or email help@cclyme.org. Your requests will be answered immediately or directed to those best able to get you what you need quickly. And if what you need is a chat, we are always delighted to speak with you.

If you have some new-found time on your hands or need a diversion from home tasks, volunteers are always welcome. 

It’s the end of another week, and we did it! Onward!

Love, Patty