Connor’s Climb Foundation
Program on Youth Suicide Prevention

 Presentation by Sarah Gould

CommunityCare of Lyme’s new Mental Health Team*, led by Laurie Veillette, PsyD, is off to an exciting start, hosting opportunities for education and supportive conversation across the community. 

For this week’s Wellness Wednesday we are grateful to be able to share the presentation from Connor’s Climb Foundation. This 1 hour training provided education to family and community on youth suicide prevention.

Thank you to the Lyme School for allowing us to use space in your building on Tuesday, November 1 for the community to participate in this hybrid program offering.

To play the recording please click the ► button on the bottom left hand side of the video.

Printable Resources from Connor’s Climb Foundation

Lyme Slide Handouts

Resource List – Lyme Training

SOS Family Infographic

*Connor’s Climb Foundation is on a mission to provide suicide prevention education to New Hampshire youth and the community. In the aftermath of a suicide, family, friends and communities respond in different ways. When Connor Ball died by suicide in October of 2011, his family and friends decided that no one else should experience such a profound and life-altering loss. Connor’s Climb Foundation is the result of their love for Connor and their commitment to end youth suicide. Through the implementation of suicide education programs in New Hampshire schools and agencies, Connor’s Climb Foundation helps educators, students and community members foster help-seeking behaviors so that youth in need of supportive services either reach out for them, or get referred to them by a peer, coach, teacher or other trusted adult. 

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Sarah Gould Training & Program Coordinator

* CCL’s Mental Health Team is still forming and will continue to evolve with input from individuals and organizations looking to support mental health in the community. All are welcome to be a part. Mental health and wellness needs are broad and varied. This team’s programming and services will be responsive to input received from community members. Please take a brief survey to let us know what you’d like to learn more about.

Please contact us if you would like to help identify resources or share programming, or if you have questions or suggestions about topics to address. Email or call our main number at 603-795-0603.

Upcoming event: Stay tuned for more information on our December program.

If you have a wellness themed topic you would like to share or learn more about, and/or blog/vlog about as an expert in a health/wellness related field, please reach out to 

Shelby Wood
Manager of Program Development
CommunityCare of Lyme