Covid Testing Resources

There are many organizations that support individuals and communities either at a local or national level. Once per month, for Wellness Wednesday, we will share one of these well-respected organizations in order to connect you with more resources that support Health & Wellness. 

Kati Miller, Lyme School Nurse, shares the following suggestions on Covid-19 testing –

Many people who have symptoms are testing negative a couple of times before going on to test positive. Given the very high number of positive cases in Lyme, those with Covid like symptoms should should stay home from school or work and test two times 24 hours apart.

This month, in the midst of Lyme’s highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases, we are sharing resources for testing.

Helpful links:

Free at-home test kits from the US Government’s DHHS (  Every household is eligible for a third delivery of tests. (1st or 2nd deliveries too, if you’ve not already claimed yours.)

Free test kits from the state of New Hampshire.  Note: these are not at-home tests. You provide a sample, while monitored, and mail it to a test facility. Results will be available in 2-3 days.

Printable list of testing options from the New Hampshire Covid-19 Response website’s list of testing options.

FREE Testing available at Upper Valley Ambulance in Fairlee:
Tuesday and Friday 4-7p, all other days 9a-12p
You can make an appointment after registering with VT DHHS (NH residents, too) or just walk in. 

Dartmouth Health Covid-19 Testing Resource Page

LIVE TONIGHT (Wednesday, 5/18) at 7pm
We Can Do This: How Families Can Navigate Today’s COVID-19 Environment
DHHS-sponsored Virtual Town Hall on the National PTA Facebook Page
Learn more here

To learn more about Covid-19 as conditions evolve:

Visit the NH Covid-19 Response website at

Visit the Dartmouth Health Covid-19 Resource Page

Visit the CDC website

If you have medical questions please contact your PCP, pharmacist, or the Lyme Parish Nurses.

If you have general questions or need help finding tests or navigating the systems, CommunityCare of Lyme is happy to help!
Call CommunityCare of Lyme at 603-795-0603 or email

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