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A fundraiser for the Friends of Lyme Library and the Lyme School Principal’s Fund

… and a way to spread warmth to family, friends, and neighbors.

We will be making all-natural, reusable hand warmers for outdoor activities. You can participate by:
1. Making hand warmers at the library (details below)
2. Stopping by the library to pick up instructions and supplies to make hand warmers at home or with a group you bring together for some crafting fun
3. Using supplies you already have on hand (pun intended) to make hand warmers at home
4. Getting friends together for your own heart hand warmer party
5. Buying some hand warmers at the library for someone you love
Library hand warmer craft time: 
• Thursday, January 30 from 5:30p to 7:30p (for adults only)
Crafty adults are encouraged to come to the Tuesday group to help the children. The goal of the adult group is to make enough to go around. Children can purchase the hand warmers they make on Tuesday if they don’t want to donate them to the sale.
Drop off your hand warmers at the library through Friday, February 7.
Hand warmers will be available for sale at the library from February 8 to February 15. Suggested donation is $3 per pair, but any donation is welcome.
Very special thanks to Karen Huyck and her son Adam for this wonderful idea!
If you have questions, please give the library a call or reply to this email.

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