“Hi Neighbor” Month

Join the CDC and EPIC in strengthening connections and forging new ones

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) shares a Public Health Matters Blog titled Get Involved with Your Neighbors During Hi Neighbor Month (CDC, 2021). In this blog post the CDC cites a FEMA statistic stating:

Research shows that people who think they’re prepared for disasters often aren’t as prepared as they think. Forty-six percent of people surveyed by FEMA expect to rely heavily on their neighbors for help within the first 72 hours after an emergency.(1)

Yes, ask your neighbors for help if you need it, but—if possible—try to be the helper. (https://www.ready.gov/neighbors as cited on the CDC, 2021).

The blog continues noting that the more prepared we are, and the more connected we are to one another the more resilient our community can be. Therefore, the importance of taking a moment to say “hi, neighbor!”

In an email from EPIC Exchange there are a few key tenants highlighted to uplift how to be a good neighbor during “Hi Neighbor” month. EPIC notes these are three fundamentals of being a good neighbor: Introduce Yourself, Show Kindness, Offer to Help. (EPIC, Nov. 28, 2023). One thing the CDC notes can be really helpful is for each individual to have * important paperwork  organized, and offer to safely keep and store a copy of your neighbor’s in case of emergency. (CDC, Dec. 7, 2021).

It’s easy to be a good neighbor! Exchange contact information, check-in on one another after emergencies (which can include inclement weather) check in on one another just to be social.

We’d love to hear what you do to support your neighbors and community – this month and all year long!

*There are several local organizations such as the Aging Resource Center (ARC) and the Lyme Parish Nurses that can help you put together important paperwork such as Advanced Directives. Contact CommunityCare of Lyme if you need help connecting with these resources.

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