“Hike Safe”

Resource submitted by Lyme Fire Department – Jim Mason and Henry Stokes

This week, volunteers with the Lyme Fire Department have shared a resource from the NH Fish & Game Department called “Hike Safe”. “Hike Safe” reminds hikers that safety is the responsibility of the individual. The slogan is “Hike Safe- There and Back: It’s your responsibility”. The program informs one of the best ways to hike safe is to be prepared and follow “The Code”. “The Code” guides hikers on several imperatives to trail safety including: “knowledge & gear”, “to leave your plan”, “to stay together”, “to turn back”, “for emergencies”, “to share the code” (NH Fish & Game, 2023).

Importantly, NH Fish & Game also offers a voluntary Hike Safe Card. This Card is valid only in New Hampshire, and, *”People who obtain the cards are not liable to repay rescue costs if they need to be rescued.” (NH Fish & Game, 2023). Furthermore, while titled the “Hike Safe Card” this covers people who engage in any outdoor recreation activity like hiking, cross country skiing, paddling and more.

To learn more about  the”Hike Safe” program CLICK HERE . If you would like to learn more about the Hike Safe Card, please CLICK HERE.

* An individual may still be liable for response expenses if the actions that created the need for the emergency response meet criteria set forth by legislation (RSA 206:26-bb) (NH Fish & Game, 2023)

Department, NH Fish and Game. “Buy Your Voluntary Hike Safe Card.” Buy Your Voluntary Hike Safe Card | New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, 2023, wildlife.state.nh.us/safe/index.html.

NH Fish & Game. “The Code.” Hike Safe, 2023, www.hikesafe.com/the-code.

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