Just in time for Valentine’s

 Mental Health Team Speaker, Dr. Lyssa Bayne

In a previous Wellness Wednesday blog Howdy, Neighbor! we  explored the ways friendships and relationships positively impact our health and overall well-being. People may have strong feelings for or against Valentine’s Day, so this month we celebrate love in all forms. On Tuesday (Feb. 7) at 6pm the Mental Health Team offered a FREE speaker event with Dr. Lyssa Bayne. We explored communication in relationships and learned skills to promote effective communication in relationships.

Communication in Relationships Image

From active listening to taking breaks, we’re so grateful to Lyssa for sharing her slides from the program with us.

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Lyssa Bayne, Psy.D.
A bit about Dr. Lyssa Bayne:
“I’m a clinical psychologist in the White River Junction VA System and primarily spend my time balancing working with individuals and couples. I work with couples from their 20s through their 70s and with a variety of goals. Working with couples and family systems has been a long-standing interest of mine and I also have a Masters in Human Development and Child Study. I’m originally from Minnesota and moved to the Upper Valley in 2021. My non-work hobbies include rowing, baking, hiking, and basking in the outdoors.”

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Shelby Wood
Manager of Volunteer Participation
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