Matcha Pistachio Muffins

From Alissa Saenz of (March 4, 2022).

In having someone from out of town spend the night this upcoming weekend, I’ve already begun to consider what we might eat for breakfast. Perhaps it seems like a ridiculous thing to be worrying about it almost a week in advance. In fairness, it’s complicated because we’re both picky eaters with dietary restrictions and food allergies to boot. This recipe from Alissa Saenz of seems like it will cater to all of our needs – I’m hoping you and yours will enjoy it too!

See Alissa’s recipe here: Matcha Pistachio Muffins (March 4, 2022).

Saenz, Alissa. “Matcha Pistachio Muffins.” Connoisseurus Veg, 4 Mar. 2022,

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