A Note from the Lyme Fire Chief on the Upcoming Storm

We have been monitoring the rain event for over a week now, in conjunction with the storm that passed last weekend and other potential events.

Many of us live here because we love all the different seasons that New England presents to us and this week has certainly kept us on our toes.  We will see Winter/Spring/Winter temperatures all in a few days.  Whenever we have a weather shift this dramatic it comes with it a chance for storms with winds.

This incoming storm will very likely be a rain/wind event with temps in the high 40’s to low 50’s.  The details of which are still getting narrowed and currently present significant variance in meteorological forecasting models.

Here’s what we do know for sure:

  • It will rain.  It will get windy.
  • Then it will get very cold in a 24 hour time period leaving to icing of rain/snow melt surfaces.

We COULD experience power outages so please take time to check oil levels in your generators, get gas and plan holiday travel accordingly.  This is a busy holiday travel weekend so pay attention to storm timing as the weather forecasts continue to get more refined.

With the cold temperatures following this event please make sure you have your micro spikes on shoes to reduce potential for slip and fall injuries.

Check in on your neighbors.

Drive slowly and safely on the roadways and PLEASE (this can not be emphasized enough) if you come across road closed signs recognize that means the road is CLOSED and not to pass

Passing these signs puts at RISK your life, the utility workers lives and the lives of the emergency services agencies in Lyme and our mutual aid partners that leave their families during events to provide protection to the town of Lyme. I believe the extra time to drive around another way is worth the life of a fellow community member, and hope you share that sentiment with me.

Lyme Emergency services will be ready to assist our community members who are in need, and we all join you in hoping for a safe holiday season spent with family, friends and loved ones.

Aaron Rich
Lyme Fire Chief