Hello Lyme Skaters!

The Lyme ice rink has been set up under the lights in the parking lot at Post Pond for this season (the lights are on a timer on the side of the old snack shack). The rink is significantly larger than it was on the town green. It measures 60′ x 100′ which is large enough for Will Mudge to get enough speed to turn a triple lutz!
HUGE thank you to Chief Mundy and the Lyme Fire Department for heading out on the coldest night of the season to finish the surface of the rink for us all to enjoy.
Before you skate, please read the rules:
First and foremost, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE TRASH! It is unfortunate that some trash has already been left. Let’s keep it nice for everyone.
Speaking of keeping it nice. Please do not skate on soft ice or when the temperature is above 32 Degrees.  We will try to send alerts when the ice is soft, but if you get there and it is not very hard ice, please do not skate on it.
Please shovel after you skate. Removing the shavings on the ice will help the surface stay smooth for future skaters.
BE SAFE! It is highly advisable to wear a helmet when on the ice.
Please make space for everyone.
Have fun!
The Ice Rink Maintenance Crew