Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Submitted by Jill Cray, Remedy Yoga

“Yoga is a great physical practice for your mind and body. And so is stand-up paddleboarding. It was only a matter of time before some genius (and we aren’t quite sure who the first one was) put them together to invent Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, but we sure are glad they did. So, if you are getting a little bored with gym yoga and want to get outside and challenge yourself, or you are looking for a way to spice up your yoga practice and even intensify it so that you get more out of it, you should definitely move your practice onto a paddleboard and see for yourself what the hype is all about. People have been doing yoga on stand-up paddleboards for years now, but the practice has been gaining in popularity in recent years, as more and more stand up paddleboard yoga classes pop up. If you thought doing yoga on the water was only for the lucky few who live in the tropics, you are wrong! It’s very likely there’s a class near you. Read on to find out the benefits and the basics of SUP yoga.” This clip came from a blog from Ultimate Paddle boards about SUP yoga. Read the rest of the article and find a link to a worldwide SUP Yoga Directory, here.

And speaking of SUP yoga classes near you, Remedy Yoga offers SUP Yoga in rivers, lakes and ponds in and around the Lyme area and the greater Upper Valley. Connect with Jill through email, or view the website for information,

Jill Gray Remedy Yoga
Jill (Cray) Gray’s life is ignited by her diverse yoga practice and she can’t wait to share her passion and knowledge with you at Remedy Yoga.

When taking a class with Jill you can expect to be offered a wide variety of movement approaches to empower people to meet themselves where they are. Jill is easy going and will be sure to have you smiling while enjoying creatively crafted sequences to focus your mind in the present. You can expect to blend your breath and your body together in a dynamic and clarifying way for an exceptional yoga experience. Jill has nearly 1000 hours of certified training and 6 years of dedicated teaching experience. She has completed both the 200 and 300 hour yoga allowance training and is in the process of completing her second 300 hour training. Some of her most popular class types are, alignment based Vinyasa, restorative yoga, pre/postnatal yoga, Sup (Stand Up Paddle Board), kids & family yoga as well as a certificate in Aerial yoga.

You are invited to join Jill and her passionate crew of teachers in person or online.

If you need more specific practice time and would like to schedule private or semi private yoga there is a flexible schedule for those bookings.

We are excited to serve and unite this thriving community through breath, meditation and movement. You may email Jill with any questions or scheduling requests.

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