Thai Dinner Fundraiser
with heartfelt gratitude

There were many helping hands to make this fundraiser possible. In total we served over 340 people from 20 different communities across the Upper Valley. Our goal for this fundraiser was to provide 200 meals. With help from friends, neighbors, and volunteers we blew the goal out of the water! It’s hard to express how humbled and grateful we are.

Saturday was a hot and humid day. Despite the sauna conditions, people volunteered to chop, fold, cook, direct traffic, manage orders, and run food. There were a lot of moving pieces, and to see how much support we received – and so generously – really demonstrates what sort of community we share. In particular, there are some people and organizations who CommunityCare of Lyme and the Lyme Congregational Church must lift up for making this event successful.

To try and name just a few:

  • Paphanh Sithavady and Khanty Sengpany. Without you none of this would have happened! You are an inspiration, capable of bringing a wide range of people together at the table.Thank you for your hard work, generous spirit, enthusiasm and of course delicious food!
  • Those Guys. Thank you for the big team effort to provide the tent. As always, executed perfectly!
  • Northern Woodlands, the Conant Building, and the American Legion. Thank you for your continued support of community events, by allowing neighbors to utilize your parking spaces. You allow us to gather in community through your generosity.
  • Lyme Police Department. Thank you for your support in bringing this community event together. Setting up cones for safety, clarity and a much safer one-way pick up lane made this event go smoothly. We so appreciate your time in working through the best traffic flow!
  • To each and every volunteer: You made a huge difference! Truly, this would not have come together without your helping hands. Whether you were helping Paphanh in the kitchen, setting up tables, directing traffic, baking cookies, painting banners or putting up posters, your energy and support matter. With your generous spirits, positivity and collaborative problem solving, together we were able to exceed all expectations.

With sincere gratitude,

Shelby Wood
Shelby WoodManager of Volunteer Participation, CommunityCare of Lyme


Paphanh’s Thai Dinner Fundraiser for CommunityCare of Lyme and Lyme Congregational Church

All photos are from Stephanie Graudons