The Joy of Walking

By: Debbie Whitaker

Manager of Outreach – CommunityCare of Lyme

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Walking is a natural activity that our body is
made to do. It is free to walk and all you need is a good pair of sneakers. You can do laps
inside your house, around your yard, outside on the road, or in nature: by a stream, in
the woods, on the beach, and up a mountain. Walking can be done in all kinds of
weather with slight adjustments in attire: bundling up in winter, using an umbrella in
rain, a face warmer in wind, and shorts in summer. Even if you walk the same route
every day, it is always new because nature changes and the gifts you receive vary: the
way the sunlight is shining, the color of the sky, the moon, the gentle breeze, the song of
a bird, the view of a mountain, a flower blooming, new leaves unfurling, trees budding,
the smell of spring, and the glimpse of an animal or bird. You can walk day or night.
Walking can be done alone which sometimes naturally becomes like a nice informal
meditation and breathing session. Walking decreases stress and oftentimes you think of
good ideas while walking and solutions to problems and the strength to endure. You can
become your own best friend. Walking is also very nice with a friend or walking partner.
It is a time to walk and talk with an exchange of thoughts, feelings, encouragement, and
ideas. You can walk yourself into health, a good mood, an enjoyable time, or a
friendship with self or others. So please, lace up and take yourself on an adventure of a
glorious walk!
If anyone would like someone to take a walk with, please call Debbie. l will happily join
you at your location, pace and distance. 802-727-0284 or

Debbie Whitaker
Manager of Outreach