The Turkey Trot Tradition:
  A Healthful Way to Start your Thanksgiving

Shared by: Shelby Wood

You may find yourself wondering, “what’s all the hubbub about with these Turkey Trots?” I recently found myself asking this same question every single year. I wanted to share a few articles in favor of doing a Turkey trot, along with the rationale for why it’s a great way to start your Thanksgiving.

First, I’ll be honest in admitting I’ve never actually run a “Turkey Trot”. I’ve done other races, it just never panned out that I was able to do one on Thanksgiving morning. Also, I’ve also never fully grasped the concept. This year is different. As I try to get excited about running around in the cold, on a morning when I could theoretically sleep in, I’ve come to get an understanding of why the “Turkey Trot” has now become the most run annual race surpassing the Independence Day race trend in 2015 (McCoy, 2021).

Here are a few points to consider based on my findings from various running websites:

“If you are fit and healthy enough to complete a race, you have plenty to be thankful for. Run a turkey trot to thank, challenge and celebrate your body for the incredible things it lets you do.” (Schwartz, K. 2019).

Wear a costume. Seriously. Donning some festive attire can shift your mindset from one that’s pressure-filled to one that’s focused on soaking up the holiday atmosphere and community.” (Brooks Staff, 2022).

Whether it’s your biological family or your chosen one, a turkey trot is a fun and light-hearted way to bond with your people.” (Schwartz, K. 2019).

You might also consider:

  • Turkey Trots in general are known to be family-friendly events and welcome athletes of all ages.
  • Many of our Upper Valley Turkey Trots this Thanksgiving are means to donate either funds or pantry items to local non-profits. Giving feels good!

Whether you walk or run, a Turkey Trot can be a wonderful way to start your Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Afterall, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is about? Uplifting and celebrating the things that mean the most in our lives, that we’re truly grateful for.

Hope to see you at the start line! (Bonus points if you’re dressed as your favorite Thanksgiving side-dish. I do love a good costume!)

Check out a selection of Upper Valley Turkey Trots:

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