There’s a Better Way to Reclaim Your Time Than ‘Quiet Quitting’

A New York Times article by Laura Vanderkam

Perhaps over the summer you’ve read articles on the trend of “quiet quitting”? In a New York Times article by a time management expert, , we are introduced to research backing the idea that by adding fulfilling and engaging activities into our weekly agendas we end up feeling “our time is less scarce” (Vanderkam, 2002). Often we think that by cutting things out of our agenda and having more ‘down time’ we will feel better able to catch up. Vanderkam shares information showing the opposite is actually true!

With the Lyme Health and Wellness Fair this Saturday from 9am – 1pm on the Lyme Common there will be many opportunities to try activity demos and talk with organizations providing opportunities for meaningful additions to your agenda.  Please review the New York Times article, “There’s a Better Way to Reclaim Your Time Than ‘Quiet Quitting’”  to learn more in favor of deliberately adding meaningful activities to your schedule.

Don’t have a New York Times subscription? Great news! Lyme’s Converse Free Library has a link for you to be able to read articles for free. Support your local library and enjoy articles from the New York Times!

Vanderkam, Laura. “There’s a Better Way to Reclaim Your Time than ‘Quiet Quitting’.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 13 Sept. 2022,

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