We did it, together!!

We couldn’t “Jingle & Mingle” this year, so we did things differently all season: looking hard for the silver linings, offering what each of us had to give, feeling deeply touched by what was shared with us, and transforming what it means to be together. The love, care and creativity were growing through the year, fighting against the growing impact of the pandemic. And then came the holidays. WOW!

Jingle All The Way! Virtual Variety Show, produced by the fabulous Thomas Chapin, was a tremendous success, involving dozens of talented and generous community members of all ages — dancing, singing, reciting poems, playing instruments, cooking(!), drawing, sharing gratitude, touring the new fire station, and more — and ending with a beautiful virtual choir performance of Silent Night.

Here are just a few of the comments we received from folks who’ve watched it:

It was amazing! We all loved it! It really made it feel like Christmas. I sent it to my parents, who ended up watching the whole thing too and said it made them teary.

We watched this as a family last night and were all delighted and impressed.  So much fun to see everyone and so many children performing.  Lots of talent in this town, and special thanks to the producers and tech wizards who put this together. What a great show.

Loved the video, and was amazed at all the incredible talent.   Deeply connected with the Then and Now segment.  The Coronavirus has had an impact on everyone, yet we still come together and sing, play music, share poetry and dance.  What a gift for us all.


We just finished watching this and loved it! Lifted our Christmas spirits like nothing else has!

Click below to watch the show!

The video includes many photos shared by neighbors, however not all images could be included. More images are shared in the album linked below.

Click below to open the photo album with additional shared images.

Use the little arrows to the right and left of the box to look through the photos. If you wish, please send us additional pictures of the season to add to this album!

Here’s a special message from the Balch family:

We hope your holidays were warm and bright, beyond your expectations.

And remember: You can return watch your favorite parts of the show to bring back that holiday spirit!

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