Reset, Revitalize: Goshi Towel 

Submitted by: Lynore Bolton

During the lockdown, what are ways that you have taken special care of yourself?  What has been your strategy? Ways to help reset, renew, revitalize?  It could be music, walks in nature, connecting with community, chocolate, smelling fresh bread baking, or special at-home spa day.

Last Christmas my sister felt the family needed a Goshi.  Your reaction was probably similar to mine.  What is a Goshi, and why do I need one?

The packaging states Goshi is an exfoliating shower towel.  The cloth made in Gunma Japan has two interwoven threads designed to hold the soap, and remove dry, flaky skin.  Wet, fold, lather.  How simple can it get?

I gave myself a mini-spa day.  The Goshi was used like a loofah with Dr. Bronners Castile soap and favorite essential oils.  The skin felt cleaner and baby-smooth softer.   Absolutely loved the fact that you could wash your back with this almost four foot towel.  This could be  a very helpful item if you have shoulder issues.

I am true believer of benefits of the Goshi shower towel.  In fact, I would like to give CCL one.   Perhaps they can hold a contest with people writing why they feel they need a Goshi, or randomly pick a name.  Let them know what special thing is helping you get through these sometimes challenging days.  Answer could be as simple as Wet, Fold, Lather.

Lynore BoltonContributing writer, and Community Member
Lynore is a community member, and contributes wonderful ideas to the team at CCL. We are so grateful!

You can read more about the GOSHI

CCL is so excited by Lynore’s offer to donate a Goshi! If you’d like to enter this raffle, please email with your name and contact information.
A name will be picked out at random, you will be notified by Friday, April 9.

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