E-bikes, Scooters and Other Lithium Ion Battery Devices
Fire Safety

Shared to the Lyme Listserv by Aaron Rich (Oct 20, 2023)

We are frequently notified in the fire service of the continued challenges that exist with moving forward towards a more digital and electronically assisted society and lifestyle.

This has resulted in an increase in fires and life safety challenges for Fire Departments. In Lyme we have had a property experience SIGNIFICANT damage due to the explosion of a lithium ion battery while charging.

In other areas with more concentrated housing E-bikes and scooters are no longer allowed inside the buildings to reduce the potential of major fires and/or loss of life.  A quick google of “ebike explodes” this AM found numerous articles from just the last week of national fires, some resulting in a loss of life.  The growth of these fires once they begin is absolutely staggering, it’s extremely fast, intense and dangerous. 

Please follow the recommended charging guidelines of the manufacturer, and follow these guidelines being provided by the NFPA.

Due to the portability of these devices they are often stored and charged inside a house, sometimes even in bedrooms which increases the risk of life safety concerns.  I’ve often seen devices charged in bedrooms(scooters, bikes, etc), the comfort of having these items in our lives has in my opinion outpaced some of the safety concerns. From the NFPA: “The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) reported more than 100 such fires in the first half of 2023. These fires have led to more than a dozen deaths and dozens of injuries.

Please take a moment in your homes to see WHAT is charging, WHERE it’s charging to ensure the devices do not block any emergency exit paths in your home and CONFIRM your home has working smoke detectors.  Detectors should be installed in all bedrooms, outside sleeping areas and on every other level including the basement.

Thank you for reading this far, we as a Volunteer Fire Department want to help our community understand this risk in our households.  As the holiday’s approach please make sure that any new devices you are looking at purchasing are listed by a qualified testing laboratory(UL, IEC, CE, ROHS etc) to reduce the risk of fire.

Aaron Rich

Lyme Fire Chief

Aaron Rich Lyme Fire Chief

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