The Season of Giving – a Boost for Community Wellbeing

by the CommunityCare of Lyme Team

There are many ways to be involved in community this Season of Giving, lifting your own spirits and others at the same time.

Many Lyme organizations have collaborated to share a broad spectrum of events and activities, where everyone is welcome. Community knows no borders. Gather for gentle, small conversations or larger, festive celebrations; enjoy shopping and support local organizations by purchasing art, beautiful trees, books, cookies, and meals to go; participate in the 75th Lyme Christmas Pageant; listen to music; support students by watching a movie or cheering at a basketball tournament. After reading that long (if incomplete) list, perhaps you’ll be comforted to know there’s an expert-led community conversation about managing life’s challenges during the holidays.

Be sure to check Lyme mailboxes for the Lyme Holiday Events Calendar.

It’s a lot packed into one page, to keep at your fingertips. Further details of listed events are in the Community Events Calendar online, and every listed event is open to all. Many more local and regional events are included in the online calendar. As always, if you need a ride or a little financial help to attend any gathering or event, please contact CommunityCare of Lyme.

Call 603-795-0603 or email

If you would like to help make events happen, be sure to reach out to event organizers to lend a hand. There are annual community events, plus some new ones; they all thrive with community support. And there are lots of ways to help beyond events: Consider gifting your time as a volunteer as the winter sets in. It’s a gift that never goes out of style!

This Season of Giving local non-profit organizations need your financial support. The impact is real. Giving Tuesday is a great day to join in the global burst of generosity. Truly, every day is a good day to give. If you’re grateful and inspired, and you have enough to share, financial love is important to your community. CommunityCare of Lyme would be most grateful for your support. Click here to make a donation. Your dollars go right to work in the community.

All of us at CommunityCare of Lyme look forward to seeing you in our cozy living room or around town over the next several weeks.

We wish you a very special Season of Giving!

Here’s a printable version of the Lyme Holiday Events Calendar. Please share with your friends and family!

Need a refresher on the importance of being in community?

This previous Wellness Wednesday post on “Social Fitness” explains the wellness benefits of being social. Enjoy!

Every Wednesday, CommunityCare of Lyme lifts up a wellness topic, embracing the widest possible definition of individual and community well-being. We include local and national resources, individual and group programs and practices, and personal stories, videos, or songs that have something to teach us all. We are always seeking guest contributors! 

If you have a wellness-themed topic you would like to share or learn more about, please reach out to

Shelby Wood
Manager of Volunteer Participation
CommunityCare of Lyme
802-468-7776 (cell)
603-795-0603 (CCL office and help line)