Cool a cappella app. And a peaceful song.

A Guest Post by Jay Davis

My daughter Katie experimented last night with a recording app for singing called “Acapella.” I posted the result, with her permission, on social media, and I was told it might be a nice thing to share with the community.

I do so, both because it is a lovely, short piece of a beautiful song, and also because she really enjoyed the app and you or someone in your home may as well.  In essence, it allows you to record/video yourself singing with yourself, not a bad option in these physically distant days (ok, fine, it might not be a great option for some of us to have our only singing accompaniment be ourselves, but it doesn’t have to be shared with anyone 🙂 ).

It is apparently $9 per month for its full capabilities, but you can try it out for thirty days for free, and Katie is currently only using its “free if songs under 60 seconds” option.