Back to School Road Safety Reminders

from Lyme Police Chief, Shaun O’Keefe

We are sharing an important listserv message from Chief O’Keefe with guidance to keep us all safe and well:

Good afternoon,

With the opening of school tomorrow I wanted to put out a few reminders that will hopefully keep us all informed and safe for the new school year.

Please drive the speed limits and obey the crossing guards!! The crossing guards have a difficult task monitoring traffic, crossing children and parents and keeping the flow of traffic moving as best they can.

If there is not a space to park in the direction you are traveling, make a safe turn around and park on the opposite side of the road.

Remember that the driveways along Union Street are private! please do not block them or use them to turn around. Travel to the next street or parking lot and turn around there.

Please be mindful of opening doors on the traffic side of your vehicle to unload children. RSA 265:96 prohibits this action.

Do NOT make U-Turns in the middle of the road to reverse direction: RSA 265:22- Yellow line violation.

Watch for cyclists: When passing a cyclist you must provide a minimum of 3 feet of space at 30 mph, 4 feet at 40 mph, 5 feet at 50 mph, etc…………..ALL cyclists should ride with traffic.

Walkers and runners should ALWAYS walk against traffic!!! This is so that you can observe oncoming vehicles.

Please use the crosswalk to prevent an accident. Union Street (Rt 10) is the major throughway to all locations north and south of us and the traffic flow is increasing each year.

Lets all remember that the school drop off and pick up times can be a challenge at best sometimes. Please be patient and use extreme caution during this time especially when you are in the school “loop.” There are children exiting and entering vehicles and buses, children walking through the parking lot and vehicles attempting to exit in two different directions.

NEVER go around the school buses while their lights and STOP signs are activated.

Please pay attention to the crossing guards and look to them for assistance if need be.

Lets ALL work together to keep our children and community safe!!

Thank you for your cooperation. Lets have wonderful year and keep everyone safe.


Chief Shaun J. O'KeefeLyme Police Department

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