Building a Compassionate Community
2023 MLK Celebration at Dartmouth

Join the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy with 3 weeks of programming leading into Black History Month in February.

“As we strive to recognize and emulate Dr. King’s legacy, our goal for the annual MLK Celebration is to honor and celebrate his life and work so that members of our community may:

  • Be cognizant of and value his transformational politics and actions, the broader context of his leadership in the civil rights movement, and the ongoing power of this legacy;
  • Be inspired and motivated to apply Dr. King’s philosophy and approach to our own lives and work; and
  • Be called to address the causes and impact of social inequality and injustice—individually, locally, and globally.

We invite you to join us and hope that that this year’s programming, inspired by Dr. King’s life and legacy, provides opportunities for learning, for reflection, and for hope.”

– from the event page on the Dartmouth website

Click here for more information on the celebration and the events listed below.

MLK Celebration Events:

Saturday, January 14th, 9am-4pm – Health in Revolution – Geisel MLK Celebration

Sunday, January 15th, 4-6pm – Hop Film: Call Jane

Friday, January 20th, 12:30-1:30pm – CONVERSATIONS AND CONNECTIONS “MLK and the Dartmouth Legacy”

Friday, January 20th, 7-9pm – Hop Film: Till

Saturday, January 21st, 7-9pm – Hop Film: She Said

Tuesday, January 24th, 7:30-8:15pm – Tarana Burke – MLK Keynote: Building a Compassionate Community

Wednesday, February 1st, 8-9:30pm – Kings Return

Friday, February 3rd, 7-9:30pm – Hop Film: Wakanda Forever

Saturday, February 4th, 7-9:30pm – Hop Film: Bad Axe