CCL Weekly Update – 3/12/2020

Update Warm greetings in this time of uncertainty

There are two things of which we can be certain: meetings & mud … ‘tis the season! Here’s one more: We are here for you. In these days of health concern and increasing awareness to fight off this invasion of crud that is lurking, we offer help in whatever way you may need it. If you’re choosing to hunker down and stay away from people for a bit, but need your medications picked up or a few things at the store, we can help with that. If you’d just like to chat, so would we.

CCL will be involving volunteers to make care-calls, checking in with folks over at least the next few weeks. Don’t hesitate to let us know what can be helpful to you or someone you care about! If you haven’t already completed the form to let us know how best to keep in touch (distributed on the orange sheet at Town Meeting), please click here to complete the form online. If you’re not a fan of online forms, give us a call and we’ll get you a paper form or, easier still, take your information over the phone. 

A coordinated Lyme effort. Leaders across Lyme have come together as a COVID-19 Response Team, at the center (“hub”) of which are Margaret Caudill-Slosberg, Lyme’s Emergency Management Director, and Bill Waste, Lyme’s Public Information Officer. CommunityCare of Lyme is one of the “spokes” that include the FAST squad, parish nurses, fire department, schools, library, Lyme select board, churches, clinics, and business community. The collective wisdom, experience, connections, and commitment to our health and wellbeing is truly something. CCL is following the team’s recommendations about community gatherings, communications, and other safety protocols. Recommendations will change, sometimes quickly, based on national and regional information about the spread and efforts to contain the virus. Watch for listserv alerts from Bill Waste, and find those alerts among the updated resources and information on the Library’s COVID-19 Resource Page.

For this week, we are not including a list of upcoming events. We will continue our upkeep of the Lyme Events Calendar, adjusting entries when we learn about cancellations, postponements, or alternative ways of meeting. (Some gatherings will be streamed or convened as a video conference.) Because some changes are happening with little notice, we may not catch everything. Please watch the listserv and check in with program and event organizers about whether planned gatherings (large or small) will take place.

One precaution we’d like to highlight as part of this well-being effort is being alert to calls that might not be genuine.  The phone scam of the moment is coming in as a Medicare information-gathering call. Do not engage with a caller about your Medicare. If you have a question or concern, you call them. Then you know you’ve interacted with a genuine Medicare representative.

We promise to stay in touch. Please do the same, and let us know if you have information, questions, concerns to share.

Wishing you good health and spring growth in the gardens.

With a heartfelt and 6-foot distance hug, Patty

603-795-0603 (CCL office)

We are here for you.
When you seek information, help, or ways to help others, contact us.

The Lyme Community Help Line:
call 795-0603 or email

Lyme Food Pantry or prepared meals. Deliveries or errands. Help around home. You name it.

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