CCL Weekly Update – 7/24/2020

Pigs are Flying!

We’ve probably all witnessed things in the last few months that before this time we may have considered as likely as “when pigs fly.” Some of those things are disturbing, and yet many are hopeful. These are extraordinary times, bringing out some of the best in us as we work our way through unprecedented challenges together.

One hopeful thing is that TODAY (Friday), from 5-7pm, pigs ARE flying, as the First Baptist Church of Lyme offers a “Fly By Pig Roast.” Drive up at the Lyme Center Vestry, and the meals will be brought to you — safely prepared and delivered. Wear your mask and bring $10 per meal.

There are important decisions coming up in the next couple of weeks, aimed at helping us all plan for the fall. Our respect and gratitude go to Jeff Valence and the staff, who have done a tremendous job creating and reworking school opening options for the school board and community to consider.  There are so many moving parts, and no way to satisfy everyone’s dreams for minimizing their own challenges ahead. The well-attended school board meeting last night demonstrated the thoughtful approach being taken by all involved. Importantly, it also underscored the fact that things remain uncertain, and that the uncertainty is not going away soon.

What a challenging time for parents and all involved with educating or caring for our children! Know that CommunityCare of Lyme is here for you and we’re connecting with organizations and resources across Lyme and the Upper Valley. Please share with us what would be most helpful as you face this school year. Contact us with requests or ideas for services, events, programs, resources … whatever might make a difference. There are many neighbors without kids in school, who would be delighted to contribute in some way. We are all in this together.

Keeping the virus out of Lyme is the best way we can all return to something closer to normal as soon as possible. PLEASE wear a mask in public; keep your distance from others when socializing and when out and about for other reasons; wash or sanitize those hands.

It’s looking like a fabulous weekend! Find some time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and maybe some well-distanced in person time with a friend or two. Call 795-0603 if you need a place to get cool. Always call 911 in case of emergency.

As always, there are some great activity and event options listed after this message. For more, take a look at the Lyme Events Calendar online, being updated with new events all the time. 

Sticking together as a community, listening to and supporting one another, we will continue through the ongoing challenging times with strength and grace – like you’ve never seen before.

With Love, Martha

603-795-0603 (CCL office)

Coming up this next week: 

More and more is opening up for us to enjoy – both out “in the world” and from home. As you start getting out and about, please be thoughtful about how to keep yourself and others safe and healthy. Wear a mask when you are in public. Continue to keep a safe distance. Stay home if you are sick at all. Check out the growing listing of events on the Lyme Events Calendar online. We invite you to let us know about other things you think we should share. Following are just a few highlights.

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*NOTE: For any event that’s not online, please be prepared with a mask and clean hands or clean gloves.

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