CCL Weekly Update – 7/2/2020

Interdependence in the Home of the Free and the Brave …

From 1776 to today, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence. A Federal Holiday since 1941, the recognition comes from events leading to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Lots of details before, between and since, but the bottom line is we are reminded of this significance in the many privileges we enjoy together, and probably take for granted, every day.

To recognize the enormity of this nation-wide symbol of patriotism, present day traditions focus on gatherings of family and friends, parades, fireworks and barbecues. This year, our ability to safely celebrate our freedoms en mass as we’re used to is gone. The home of the Free and the Brave is now the home of the quarantined and cautious. Because, in fact, we are interdependent. Because that’s how we work together to enable a safe, healthy and good life for all of us. And just as history taught us, these things take time.

In our observations of Independence Day this year, let’s remain diligent in our efforts to care for each other by continuing to practice safe distancing and to wear a mask … and know for sure in your free and brave heart that these efforts will truly make a difference to someone.

The northeast is one of the lightest hit areas in this pandemic. That’s because we set aside our discomfort as we wear a mask. We have isolated ourselves as best we can and we have used and appreciated the resources available to us to protect ourselves and others. Now is not the time to stop doing these things. We need to be patient and tolerate the annoyance of remembering the mask, and remembering to wash well and sanitize often. In some way this does not feel like independence. And yet, it certainly is what we have built together: a safe and beautiful home, because we know we are interdependent and we take responsibility for each other.

There’s lots to enjoy, safely from home and around the neighborhood. There are some great options below my message; and do check out the the Lyme Events Calendar, being updated with more events all the time.

CommunityCare of Lyme wishes you all a beautiful Independence Day weekend, full of fun and good food and peace in your heart as you find creative, safe ways to celebrate our interdependence.

Be well.

With Love,  Patty

603-795-0603 (CCL office)

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More and more is opening up for us to enjoy – both out “in the world” and from home. As you start getting out and about, please be thoughtful about how to keep yourself and others safe and healthy. Wear a mask when you are in public. Continue to keep a safe distance. Stay home if you are sick at all. Check out the growing listing of events on the Lyme Events Calendar online. We invite you to let us know about other things you think we should share. Following are just a few highlights.

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