See Every Brilliant Thing, by JAG Productions

at the Briggs Opera House in White River Junction through May 14th

a wellness tip from Martha Tecca, Executive Director and President of CommunityCare of Lyme

From JAG’s website: “EVERY BRILLIANT THING is a heartwarming, immersive one-person show. Caught up in a personal story of parenthood and childhood, confusion and joy, depression and hope, the narrator engages with the audience to create a list of everything worth treasuring in this life – everything brilliant.”

JAG Productions offered a gift that will stay with us. My husband Mark and I saw the Every Brilliant Thing‘s second preview last Thursday, the night Rob Strong’s photos, shared in this post, were taken. The experience touched hearts and minds in many ways. We felt it that evening; and it’s been obvious since, as extraordinary reviews and encouragements to see the show are everywhere. How did they do it? The details were remarkable. The production demonstrated careful planning and design, the power of broad and diverse input, and a creative structure that enabled the performer and stage crew – and the audience – to be spontaneous and responsive. Every Brilliant Thing is yet another in a stream of moving, important offerings from JAG Productions and its, yes, brilliant founder, Jarvis Antonio Green.

I awoke this morning with the realization that this is a perfect subject for CommunityCare of Lyme’s Wellness Wednesday post during this first week of Mental Health Awareness Month.

First Preview of Every Brilliant Thing, by JAG Productions, at Briggs Opera House in White River Junction, VT, on Friday, April 28, 2023. Copyright 2023 Rob Strong

JAG founder Jarvis Antonio Green delivers …

a remarkable artistic performance … a warm, inclusive welcome … thoughtful, compelling advocacy and education about critical mental health topics … COMMUNITY. Everyone in the audience was part of the show, involved in a shared experience – caring and rooting for one another, as many were called on for a line or an important interactive role. Any stage fright about being called on was washed away by the trust Jarvis so quickly built among us.

From Susan Apel’s Artful blog: “Go. Take yourself out for a night of theater that will make you feel less alone, and cause you to breathe in a little shared humanity.”

Really, friends. It’s a unique and special theater experience. I hope you’ll go.

Playing through May 14

(with a disappointing break this week due to Covid)

Learn more about JAG and get tickets here.

If money is a challenge and you would like to see the play,

please contact CommunityCare of Lyme at 603-795-0603 or The CCL Jenks Fund is here to ease minds and lift spirits. We’d be delighted to make sure you can see the play.

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