Understanding and Managing Sleep Challenges

Submitted by the CCL Mental Health Team

Insomnia affects roughly 10-30% of adults worldwide.

It can lead to significant health consequences, including depression, impaired work performance, increased risk of motor vehicle collisions, and poor quality of life.  Much research has gone into learning more about sleep – a system that’s central to the way we live our lives. What governs sleep? What happens to your body as you sleep? How can you protect your quality of sleep during the day to build a better sleep at night?

How can we get better sleep?

The CommunityCare of Lyme Mental Health team is grateful for Dr. Jose Serrano, PsyD, a sleep expert, for leading the May 2023 monthly community conversation on a topic affecting mental health and wellbeing. Dr. Serrano shared a presentation about how humans sleep and ways you can work to improve your sleep quality at home.

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Jose Serrano, PsyDLicensed Clinical Health Psychologist
Dr. Serrano specializes in integrated care, sleep, chronic pain, and living with chronic illness. Dr. Serrano has worked in a wide range of hospital and healthcare settings, including the Veteran’s Health Administration, large community public hospital systems, and community care clinics with a focus on substance use and health management. Dr. Serrano is currently with the White River Junction VA Healthcare System, where he serves as an Integrated Care Psychologist and Veteran Care Coordinator for LGBTQ+ Veterans.
CCL Mental Health Team

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