Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder! – Easy Instructions

Idea adapted from: Karen, a Writer at ABCs of Literacy “How To Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders with Preschoolers.” Preschool Inspirations, 18 June 2020. 

Step 1. Go on a mini scavenger hunt to find a pinecone 

Step 2. Use a butter knife, tongue depressor or other flat object to take peanut butter (or alternative fatty, sticky bird-safe spread) to spread along the pinecone. 

Step 3. Now that the pinecone is sticky, add bird seed so it sticks to peanut butter (or alternative).

Step 4. Tie your string or twine to each side of your pine cone 

Step 5. Hang outside where it is easily visible from one of your windows 

Step 6. Participate in one or both of the upcoming Bird Counts !

Here’s a video demonstration of the process, from Fireflies and Mud Pies 

CommunityCare of Lyme has kits available, with all you need to make a pine cone bird feeder. If you njeed the supplies or have questions about the bird feeder or the bird counts, contact Shelby Wood at CommunityCare of Lyme:

email or
call 603-795-0603