Vegan Scones

Sophie & Paul from (Apr. 21, 2021)

Over the past several weeks I’ve come to find that baking, specifically baking for friends, has become a form of self-care. This week I decided to branch out from overly sweet treats to something a bit moderately sweet. I used the Vegan Scone recipe from Sophie & Paul of 21, 2021) and made a few of my own additions and changes. You can view this week’s recipe on by clicking here.

Additions and/or changes I made:

  • Used coconut whip and raspberry jam to fill the scones once they had cooled
  • topped with Maple butter and cinnamon-sugar
  • I did add vegan friendly dark chocolate chips

Sophie, and Paul. “Easy Vegan Scones.” Vegan on Board, 21 Apr. 2021,

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