Vegan soup for cold and cough

From Roberto of (Aug. 6, 2020)

If, like me, you’ve been struggling with a seasonal cold and are seeking to treat yourself to a bit of food as love, this recipe may be of interest. Of course, as blogger for states:

First things first… I really like this soup to help with my immune system and just because the ingredients are great for your help, but please, please consult with a doctor if you feel bad. This soup by no means is a magic potion or a replacement of a visit to a proper doctor! (Robert, Aug. 6, 2020)

If you still are interested in putting together a soup that has immunity boosting ingredients you may enjoy giving this recipe a try!

See the recipe from Roberto (Aug. 6, 2020) here.

Roberto. “Vegan Soup for Cold and Cough – Natural Goodness: Fuss Free Recipes Everyone Can Make – Recipes.” Natural Goodness | Fuss Free Recipes Everyone Can Make, 6 Aug. 2020,

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