Lyme Blood Donors needed!

From the Lyme Listserv posted by Susan MacKenzie (Jan 10, 2023)

Lyme will be hosting a Blood Drive January 25 from noon to 4:30PM.

Lyme Congregational Church

We have 38 slots available and only 7 donors have signed up. Please consider donating the need Is great. Go to:

We also need volunteers to assist with the day’s activities 

If, like me, you like the idea of being a donor but have some questions about your eligibility or what the process is like is a resource both for you to schedule to donate and review their FAQ page. Visit to learn more and schedule your slot. You can learn more about the donation process here.  You can even learn more about how blood donations help patients.

Wondering about the registration process? It was easy – make an account or sign in, select an open slot and then receive a confirmation message.


If you have a wellness themed topic you would like to share or learn more about, and/or blog/vlog about as an expert in a health/wellness related field, please reach out to 

Shelby Wood
Manager of Program Development
CommunityCare of Lyme