The Jenks Fund: Helping in New Ways

A note from Patty Jenks, Director of CCL

I’d like to encourage us all to consider creative ways not only to distance us from each other (for all the right reasons), but also to distract us from the tedium and uneasiness of it all.

If you’ve toyed with the idea of learning a new craft or reading a new book, or hiking a good hike, but worries about personal resources prevent the expense, Ethan & Jim Jenks are here to help.

The CCL Jenks Fund, established in 2019 through loving and generous gifts to CCL following Jim’s and Ethan’s deaths, is available for the express purpose of helping out. We think this special time calls for us all to think about “help” a little differently.

If a new activity or project will help your stress level and you need a boost to get started, these guys are all about helping. It’s what they always did, and it’s what they continue to do. Please don’t wait for a crisis … averting one is the best strategy

What might help you have some relaxing, distracting, enjoyable time? What special gift might be just the right diversion for someone you care about? We are here for you.

Contact us with your ideas or requests:
603-795-0603 or

With Love,