“Watch the Birdie”

From Listserv Post by Blake Allison, Chair of the Lyme Conservation Commission

February is a big month for formal bird watching events, and you don’t have to be a pro to participate. All you need to do is observe the number of birds coming to your yard or neighborhood. This can be done from the comfort of your kitchen or by going out and walking around your neighborhood. Either way, it is a great opportunity to contribute to important, bird-related “citizen science” programs.

At the national level there is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s annual Great Backyard Bird Count. This year’s event begins Friday, February 15th and concludes on Monday, the 17th. It is a wonderful way to connect to nature with family and friends. To learn about the count and how you can participate click on the following link:


Closer to home, February also is the time when New Hampshire Audubon hosts its annual Backyard Winter Bird Survey. The dates for this year’s count are Saturday, February 11 and Sunday, the 12th. This link will take you to the count’s home page:


This winter has provided a very good opportunity to view species from the forest regions to our north. Poor seed crops among the coniferous tree species has driven scores of “finch family” birds, like evening grosbeaks and pine siskins, into our region in search of food. It is a rare chance to see these bird species that are uncommon in our area.

See you out there,

Blake Allison, Chair

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