Happy Thanksgiving

a message from Lyme neighbor, Chris Jackson

Dear Neighbors—

I think Thanksgiving is a good time to get in touch.  

I offer you best wishes for a good Thanksgiving — as good as possible, anyway — plus my hope that you all are well and getting along okay through this hard time. I summed it up the other day to my friend Ed who mans the gatehouse at the Lebanon landfill. After I ripped off card punches for my bags of trash (he doesn’t come near me), we looked at each other for a moment at good distance, and I just said “This isn’t fun, is it?” He knew exactly what I was saying. After a slight pause, “No” was all he said — and all he needed to say. We left it there. That pretty much says it, huh? And now on comes winter. How many of you are looking forward to winter now? I don’t see many hands.

I say all this because I think it’s important to just acknowledge — and acknowledge to each other — that this is not fun, and we’re all in this boat together. As if you haven’t been told over and over, I will remind you that whatever your challenges are, all sorts of support is available here in Lyme. You have heard about it — food, money, transportation, whatever … Contact CCL (CommunityCare of Lyme) at help@cclyme.org or 603-795-0603. Do not be afraid to reach out to them, okay? Or me, even. Do you have a house repair issue or something I might help with? I am determined to be semi-retired this winter, so I will have some time.

Beyond those notes, I have a couple of things to share with you this COVID Thanksgiving. 

First, here is a piece about, well, giving Thanks. I recommend you find a quiet moment to read some experts from “Why I am Still Grateful”.

The author has a Christian perspective, as you will see; but he acknowledges that gratitude is key regardless of your faith — or non-faith, for that matter. As he says, “Gratitude is hardly restricted to people of faith, just as people of faith are not exempt from ingratitude. This is another way that people don’t fit into tidy boxes.” Right.

And second, how about this piece on hugs? Yes, those hugs we are not having these days.  Of course we have been told not to, but maybe some hugging is still possible.  Can some hugging be okay?  Check this out.

And finally, I want to add a picture to carry with you as we go forward. I’m not sure why I feel it is appropriate, but somehow I do.  

Happy Thanksgiving

– Chris