CCL Weekly Update – 5/29/2020

Careful what we wish for???

I know I was one of many who lamented the long dreary winter and fussed soundly at the last 4 inches of snow in April … oh wait, it was May! Three weeks ago! And from that, we land solidly into summer – full-blown, 90 degree heat, and now humidity.

Gotta love it.

Also loving the careful and thoughtful ways we’re able to move forward through the Covid-19 saga together. We have been so “good” for so long, and now many of us are able to start venturing out. It’s important to remember that this stuff lurks and can re-surge. We still need to proceed with caution to protect those we care about and ourselves. CCL remains on stand-by with help as needed. To date, with the tremendous help of wonderful volunteers and organizers, we’ve shopped, delivered, cooked, cleaned, raked, repaired, supplied, referred, shared, provided, advised, connected, and responded over 200 times. And, together, through the neighborhood network, we’ve checked in and visited (safely) thousands of times. I mention this not to toot the whistle, but to thank you for trusting CCL to help.

On Monday, Lyme honored Memorial Day in an extraordinary way, thanks to the creative inspiration and invitation of Chief Shaun O’Keefe, Commander of American Legion Post #80, who usually organizes Lyme’s special Memorial Day service of remembrance. He suggested we share memories on the Lyme Listserv … and we did! We have captured those listserv posts and comments on our website. Reading through them all, one after another, it is both moving and impressive. If we missed one, please let us know and we’ll make sure to include it.

While we continue to breathe a bit, we’re coming up on a few weeks of transition, as everyone’s lives have some big changes once again … and we still don’t know exactly what our world is going to be like even next week. Plans for the summer? How can we know what’s best? Know this: We are here to stay. Yup, things are going to change, and we will too, as you let us know how we can help the most. Contact us at 795-0603 or We’ll keep trying to get the word out about what’s available for you. 

As you start getting out and about, or think of new ways to enjoy (endure?) your time at home, I want to remind you to see the growing listing of events on the Lyme Events Calendar online, including virtual yoga classes, streaming live music, and a wide range of interesting offerings from the Aging Resource Center.  We invite you to let us know about other things you think we should share.

Don’t miss:


  • Sunday (5/31): Best Buddies Virtual 5K, noon. Cam Marshall is teaming up with Positive Tracks for this fun, healthy, and important fundraiser. “Sweat for good!”


*NOTE: For any event that’s not online, please be prepared with a mask and clean hands or clean gloves.


Wishing you all a great weekend,

I hope you’ve been enjoying this long-overdue beautiful weather and that the holiday weekend is safe and enjoyable for you.

Love, Patty


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