Written, Performed and Submitted by Jennifer Voelker  

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Song shared with permission of singer/songwriter, Jennifer Voelker:


(C) On a joy ride, with my son (Am) by my side

(F) We are chatting, snacking, and listening (G) to his playlist (C)

(C) A scenic drive, we are flying by (Am)

(F) Bucolic farms and old (G) red barns (C)


(Am) Miles and miles of empty roads

(F) We arrive in no time and say Good bye

(C) Good bye, a word I don’t like (G)

(Am) But would I know the sun (F) w/o the rain

(C) Summer has to end before fall begins (G)

(C) He exits the running car, I circle (Am) ‘round him to depart

(F) This change, this change, feels like running (G) in the dark (C)

(C) But that’s how good things start, (Am) I tell the wistful part of me

(F) This is how, this is how it’s supposed (G) to be (C) – repeat Chorus

(C) The baby bird has flown (Am) I’m driving home on my own

(F) Time moves faster than, the white (G) lines on the road (C) – repeat Chorus

This week’s Wellness Wednesday post came together through Serendipity. I was working to put together this week’s Wellness Wednesday post when this message came into my inbox from Jennifer. A poignant, reflective piece on the experience of parenting, of transitions and changes.

Jenny was gracious enough to give permission to share her music, and as part of Wellness Wednesday we think her songs may be helpful and relatable to others too.

Please listen and enjoy Jenny’s new song “Drive” – lyrics are available above as well.

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