May is: National Physical Fitness & Sports Month
AND Get Caught Reading Month 

CommunityCare of Lyme is celebrating by posting a book inspired sport or a sport that inspired a book!

This week we see how art imitates life, and in turn life imitates art. Kurt Vonnegut’s book The Sirens of Titan features the only sport played by the children of Mars: German Batball. As it turns out, there is a German sport which is a hybrid of baseball and kickball called Schlagball which is very similar to what Vonnegut wrote about. The main difference seems to be that in Vonnegut’s Batball no bat was used, whereas in modern Schlagball a thin 3cm bat is used. Schlagball is an ancient sport, and is still popular along the lower Rhine and North Sea Coastal Regions. (, 2016) If you’d like more information on Schlagball, please visit the links in our works cited for details on how to play.

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