CCL Weekly Update – 5/28/2021

How are you?  Seriously. How are you doing?

I write this on Thursday, a gloriously lovely morning following the oppressive heat and humidity of the past few days.

Thinking about the question, and myself, I recognize that I am very affected by the weather, as many are. On those hot days, I was down and feeling just like the weather … oppressed, moody and longing for something different.

This morning – and on most of the sunny, bright days – I am feeling optimistic, comfortable in my life now, and trying to look forward to whatever path this journey takes me on. 

Now that I know this about me, I can direct how I react to the gloom of weather or circumstances. I can see another day will come, and whatever it brings, I will cope with it. I can appreciate what I had, what I have now, and how best to keep on keeping on. That’s how I am. 

I ask again: how are you? Are you appreciating what is yours and what you have accomplished?  Are you able to see some light though gloomy, moody days?  You can and you will, if you let yourself.

Thinking of you all and wishing you a lovely Memorial Day weekend, as we remember those who served for us and didn’t have the chance to witness more in their lives.

Every day, we thank those men and women who served and continue to serve for the protection of everything that is ours: Our people, our place, our freedom. 

Please enjoy a Memorial Day weekend full of what you need and lots of gratitude for what you have.

With Love,  Patty

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News and Notes:

Thank you, Hanover High “Intensive” team, for generous service to the Lyme community!

Last week, a team of eight Hanover High School students, led by Lyme resident and HHS faculty member, Tom Gamble, weeded and mulched the large berm at the edge of the Chase Beach parking lot at Post Pond and painted the new dugouts at the ballfield a nice Lyme green. The students spent four “Intensive” days in Lyme, performing service and making a meaningful contribution to community life. In addition to the hard work at the pond (remember last week’s 80-degree days?), the crew moved and stacked a large pile of wood at a neighbor’s home, raked out the horsesheds by the Lyme Congregational Church, and baked dozens of treats that will be distributed to spread cheer across the community. Wow! Read more and see photos here.

Electric Vehicle Buying Resource

You may have noticed on the Lyme listserv that Henry Higgs has created a very helpful resource for those looking to purchase an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid. He’s updating the resource monthly with input from the field and from EV and PIH owners in Lyme. Email Henry with information you’d like to share. We’re compiling the guide and updates on the CCL website. Click here to view all the posts.

Celebrating this month …

Older Americans Month 2021 – “Communities of Strength”. Please click here for this week’s uplifting story, highlighting two people who celebrate life by pursuing passions and honing skills. Please enjoy! Also, there are a lot of events to support our “communities of strength” in the Lyme Events Calendar.  Do you have an inspiring story you’d like to share? Email

ALSO National Physical Fitness & Sports Month AND Get Caught Reading Month! CommunityCare of Lyme is connecting these dots by posting a book-inspired sport or a sport that inspired a book each week. This week we highlight Schlagball, an ancient German sport that is a mix between baseball and kick ball. Called German Batball in The Sirens of Titan  by Kurt Vonnegut. While the two have slightly different rules, it is interesting to see how life inspires art, and vice versa.  Read this week’s post here. If you have suggestions for books inspired by sports, or sports inspired by books, Shelby would love to hear from you! Email

Weekly health and well-being tips, resources, and recipes …

Monday’s Menu. Click here to read this week’s recipe, Vegetarian Eggplant BLTs, from Anna Pippin, MSHN. Anna says, This is a very tasty and healthy vegetarian alternative to the classic BLT. It is a quick and easy lunch or dinner and goes nicely with a side of tomato soup or another soup of your choice.  Click here to see all the Monday’s Menu recipes.

Wellness Wednesday. Click here for this week’s post, “8 Tips for a Little Shut-Eye” by Laurie Veillette.  This week Laurie provides pointers on how to prepare for a full, restful night’s sleep. See all the Wellness Wednesday posts here

If you have a wellness tip or healthful recipe you would like to share, please contact

Happy Feet Clinic

Now three Thursdays a month at Lyme Congregational Church. Appointments are required. Home visits are also available. Susan Hanna Rose, RN, provides expert therapeutic foot care. Contact Debbie Whitaker , 802-727-0284 for more information or to schedule an appointment. All are welcome!

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